VLCC De-Pigmentation Sunflower Oil & Saffron Face Mask 80 gm

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Say goodbye to skin impurities with VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask. VLCC De-Pigmentation Face Mask is enriched with Saffron extract and Sunflower Oil, which penetrates the skin efficiently and promotes skin cell turnover. Improved complexion and radiance are brought about by Saffron while, Sunflower Oil’s excellent emollient properties nourish the skin to reveal a smooth, soft and clearer skin.

  1. Sunflower is an excellent source of Vitamin E that helps prevent scarring and smoothes wrinkles, and beta-carotene, which makes the skin less sensitive to the sun. These and other antioxidants help fight against environmental damage while preventing premature signs of aging.
  2. Saffron complements Sunflower as it is an effective treatment for acne, blemishes, and blackheads due to its antifungal content.


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