Vania natural Anti Rashes Premium gel

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Sulfate free, paraben free, pthalate free, silicon free, artificial color freek, skin irritations are the common problems across age groups. Be it a post waxing rashes, burn or cut rashes, itching, skin darkening etc. We often use multiple products for our multiple skin problems. Now it is time to get rid of all those products… Especially designed for curing day to day skin problems. Vania brings a cooling bliss of Vania natural anti rashes premium gel which is a blend of pure and rich aromatherapy oils. Gel is very effective in instantly healing the skin that is affected by redness or rashes that may be caused due to adult diaper irritation or after waxing or threading. Frequently used by beauticians and individuals Vania’s anti rashes gel will be a blessing to your beautiful skin. Multiple functions of the anti-rash treatment gel, bikini “V” area rashes, under arm rashes, after waxing, threading and bleach rashes, adult and baby diaper rashes, as a wet tissue paper, knee pain relief, burning feet sensation, for blemishes cure, cooling sensation, after shave cuts and bruise, directions for use 1. Take approximately 1 tablespoon of Vania anti rashes premium gel and apply it to the area affected by redness, burning sensation or to the area of skin where waxing has been done. 2. Do not massage, simply spread the gel on the affected area. In the packaging you will get 1 jar of Vania natural anti rashes premium gel a little amount of gel with water sprinkle vanishes the redness caused in minutes. The product offered by Vania are aromatherapy based and are completely safe to be used on skin. So, you don’t need to worry about your skin health.

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