Kwiknic Paan Flavour 2 mg Chew Gum Tablet 10’s

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What is KWIKNIC?

  • KWIKNIC contains nicotine which belongs to a group of medicines called nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  • It acts to substitute the nicotine that you normally get from cigarettes and can help you stop smoking

    What KWIKNIC is used for?

    • It can be used to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and reduce the cravings for nicotine that you get when you try to stop smoking
    • When you stop smoking, or cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke, your body misses the nicotine that you have been absorbing from the smoke.The chewing-gum contains nicotine, which is one of the substances in tobacco. When chewed, nicotine is released slowly and absorbed through the lining of the mouth. KWIKNIC chewing-gum does not contain the other harmful substances found in tobacco smoke such as tar and carbon monoxide


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