Kids Vitty Maxx Flavoured Nutrition Gummy 20’s

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Kids Vitty Maxx is a premium Flavoured chewable Nutrition Gummy for children aged 5 years and above. It boosts immunity and is an insurance for good overall health and wellness on an everyday basis or even during recovery from illness. It contains 19 premium nutrients, a far higher number than other brands available, in an optimal mix of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural extracts in forms that the body can easily process, all in a single gummy.  It is 100 % Vegetarian, Gluten free, Low fat, Low cholesterol and Free of gelatin, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, animal derivatives. It strengthens immunity, boosts metabolism and promotes good brain and heart health. It is tasty, easy, fun and convenient to eat as compared to dull and boring syrups, tablets and capsules and is available in unique Raw Mango and Orange flavours.


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