Yoga bar breakfast Protien Bar varities

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Why this bar is the perfect on-the-go breakfast?

Stacked with good-for-you protein, oats, millets, quinoa, almonds and seeds, it’s much more than just a quick healthy breakfast bar – it’s nutrition and energy to get you going. It also serves well as a meal replacement bar.


What makes it so healthy?

– 10g whole grain – Rich in super nutrients

– 8g protein – Provides lasting energy and supports muscle replenishment

– 7g fibre – facilitates optimal metabolism

– Omega 3s: Obtained from flax seeds

When to have this protein bar?

Whether you’re running late for a meeting or have an early start to the day, these grab-and-go bars are lifesavers. Convenient, nutrient rich and travel ready, these snack bars can be had as a morning or late afternoon snack. Ideal for office goers or anyone with an active lifestyle. Also, a tasty yet healthy treat for kids.


Why you should choose Yogabar for all you nutrition needs?

We believe that good health and great taste go hand in hand. All the products we invent have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil – basically nothing unpronounceable. You deserve to know what you are eating. Any questions about Yogabars and we are more than happy to answer them to 100% of your satisfaction.

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