Toothmin Toothpaste Anti-Decay tooth decay-70g


Toothmin Tooth cream is a newly introduced remineralizing agent that is based on Anticay Technology. This unique technology has been commercialized by Biodental Remin, an Australia based biotechnology company. Anticay is a mixture of calcium sucrose phosphates and inorganic calcium phosphates consisting of 10-12% calcium and 8-10% phosphorous by weight. Calcium sucrose phosphate decreases tooth enamel demineralization and promotes enamel remineralization. It also inhibits the formation of plaque. Its effective remineralizing action is because of its solubility in water providing high concentrations of free calcium and phosphate ions several times higher than normally present in saliva.

Toothmin tooth cream is used as remineralizing agent for increasing microhardness of bleached enamel surface.

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