SBL Aesculus Hippocastanum ,30ml

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Also known as

Aesculus Hip, Aesculus




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82 (gms)


3.5 (cm) x 3.5 (cm) x 9.5 (cm)

SBL Aesculus hippocastanum(Dilution)

Tincture of ripe kernel; trituration of dry kernel. Tincture of fruit with capsule is useful to make the medicine.


Common Name: Horse Chestnut.


Causes & Symptoms for SBL Aesculus hippocastanum

Aesculus hippocastanum centres its action on the pelvic system, lower back region with a characteristic fullness in various parts.

It is beneficial in Mucous membranes of mouth, throat, rectum that are swollen, burn, dry and raw that are sensitive to inhaled cold air.

Dry constricted fauces, with burning, pricking and stinging pains are relieved with help of this remedy.

It is one of our leading remedies for dryness, haemorrhoids, varicose veins of purple color, backache with a feeling of Fullness.

The sticking pains as if the rectum was full of sticks.

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