Natural Vibes Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal Soap (Pack of 3 x 150 gm)


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Natural Vibes Tea Tree and Activated Charcoal soap is formulated with 7 healing ingredients; Tea Tree, Activated charcoal, Oatmeal, Rosemary,Ylang Ylang, Citrus peel and Lavender. This natural blend will help you fight your acne and remove the impurities that penetrate your skin and clog your pores everyday. This unique combination of natural ingredients and pure essential oils will protect your skin and let you reap the healing benefits of aromatherapy. Not only that, it will protect your skin from further damage leaving you with a healthy well nourished skin. Natural benefits gifted by our Mother Nature : 1. Tea Tree Is Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Anti -septic in Nature. It reduces acne, blemishes, dark spots and relieves itching or redness on skin 2. Activated Charcoal Removes the impurities and chemicals that penetrate your skin and clog your pores everyday. It unclogs the pores and leaves you with a healthy and flawless skin 3. Oatmeal A natural exfoliating agent that can remove the dead skin cells from your skin effectively and promote skin lightening, leaving you with a well conditioned skin 4. Rosemary Its anti ageing properties help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles 5. Ylang Ylang Retains moisture and leaves your skin smooth, refreshed, and hydrated. Ylang Ylang flower is also considered one of the most relaxing ingredients in aromatherapy. 6. Citrus Peel This Vitamin C rich ingredient prevents pigmentation and UV-induced sun damage 7. Lavander Enjoy the healing benefits of aromathrapy with the calming lavander oil. Helps in unwinding after a long day. Suitable for – All Skin types. Our soap is perfectly safe to use for children and adults. We at Natural Vibes believe in providing the best aromatherapy, natural and plant based products possible. Our products are 100% vegetarian and proudly free of parabens, phthalates, harmful colorants and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. Natural Vibes is a movement towards sustainable usage & conservation of Mother Nature for our well being. Our mission at Natural Vibes is to care and restore our planet’s beauty, not only in the way we make our products but how we give back to Mother Nature by planting trees. Let’s connect : [email protected] Facebook – lovenaturalvibes Instagram – love_natural_vibes YouTube – Love Natural Vibes


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