Monsoon harvest crunchy Millet Granola bar


Craving a delicious snack bar? But also want the daily essential nutrition for your body? Treat yourself to this delicious Crunchy Granola Bar by Monsoon Harvest – A healthy energy bar made of natural and wholesome ingredients, baked to crunchy perfection.


Made from 100% whole grain oats and locally grown millets, our granola bar blends health, taste, and nutrition in one bite. The bars contain 20 g of whole-grain.

These granola bars do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, and chemicals. They do not contain any GMOs or Transfats.

The box is a pack of six dark chocolate and espresso flavored bars – a perfect match of bitter-sweet, but healthy, indulgence.

The nutrient-dense ingredients coupled with crunchy texture of this bar will leave you craving for more

Simple flavors, wholesome ingredients, mocha goodness, and lots of crunch. These bars contain perfectly blended bites of coffee & chocolate – deliciousness all wrapped up and ready to go. Our wholesome granola bar can be your go-to snack for sustained energy during short excursions, tiring marathons, cycling and gym workouts, to give you a quick energy boost! Or they could simply be your quick, late-night pick-up snack.


The high-fibre bar satisifes your taste buds and fulfills your hunger pangs.

Without providing a sugar overload, our millet granola bar provides all essential nutrients to your body with a much-needed energy boost.

Delicious and healthy, these nutritious millet granola bars make a perfect festive gift for your loved ones

Monsoon Harvest is committed to creating healthy and delicious snacks. All our oats, bars, and muesli are a great tasting combination of healthy and wholesome ingredients at pocket-friendly prices.

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