Kerala Ayurveda Patolakatutukarohinyadi Kwath ,200ml

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Kerala Ayurveda Patolakatukurohinyadi Kwath


Key benefits of Kerala Ayurveda Patolakatukurohinyadi Kwath:

Act as anti-toxic, anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, and an appetizer (Kaphapittaghnam).


Direction for use:

As directed by the healthcare professional.



Diseases of Pitta predominance.

Inflammatory Skin Diseases like Erysipelas Carbuncles.

Vesicles & Abscess.

Chronic Ulcers, Fistula & Lymphadenitis.

Burning Sensation, Itching & Oedema.

Vitiligo & Hyperpigmentation.

Pallor & Jaundice.

Polydipsia & Giddiness.

Goitre & Gas Trouble.

Epigastric Distress.

Inflammatory Diseases of the Eye causing Defective Vision

Inflammations of Internal Organs.

The Psychotic States of Infections, & Intoxication.


Safety information:

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.


Use under medical supervision.

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