Keep safe Toilet seat Disinfectant Spray,90ml

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Have you stepped out of your house and wondered if the door that you just pushed open was clean? What about those unseen threats on public toilet seats? Are there germs lurking around you, that you wish you could see better? Have you wondered if you have been careful in ensuring the best protection against bacteria and viruses? Is your personal hygiene standard good enough? Your personal hygiene is in your hands. Literally. KeepSafe by Marico takes care of your hygiene needs through its range of premium quality sanitizers, disinfectants, wipes, hand wash and personal hygiene products.


KeepSafe Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray kills 99.9% germs* without water. It is effective on viruses, bacteria and fungi. Use it freely to sanitize shoes, door handles, seats, furniture, books, glass, sofa, curtains, cushions, etc. It is perfect for use if you are travelling in public transport or visiting a food court, a library, or even school or college. This disinfectant has 84% alcohol-based^ formula and a pleasant fragrance that can easily disinfect and deodorize soft and hard surfaces. This spray sanitizer dries quickly, and does not need any wiping or washing. This travel-friendly disinfectant spray pack is also allowed on flights.


Try out the Toilet Seat Disinfectant, Instant Hand Sanitizer and the Hygiene Hand Wipes from KeepSafe by Marico range for complete out-of-home hygiene. Take no chances. Keep Safe!


*As tested under lab conditions on representative organisms.


Basis CDC Guidelines recommended level of at least 70% v/v ethyl alcohol and usage as per directions

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