Evergreen Applicator Tampon Regular,6-9g absorbency,1 pack of 8 pc

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Everteen applicator tampons are a quality product from everteen, which offers india’s largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. Manufactured at usfda-approved unit, everteen applicator tampons are certified with rigorous international guidelines for safety and efficacy, so you know you are buying the best for your intimate needs. Everteen applicator tampons adjust perfectly to your shape, giving superior leak protection. Each tampon is individually wrapped so you have the freedom to carry optimal number of tampons that you need. Now you can wear underwear and clothes of your choice even during periods without any embarrassment or pad lines showing up. Everteen applicator tampons are available in four absorbencies – lite, regular, super and superplus. If you are a first-time user, always start with lowest absorbency and increase it based on your exact requirement to find your right fit. Since the flow varies on different days during the period cycle, you may have to use different absorbencies for each day depending on the flow. For example, you may start with lowest absorbency (lite) on the first day and then switch to moderate (regular) or higher (super) absorbency on 2nd and 3rd day when the menstruation flow is heavy. Everteen applicator tampon superplus is generally required only by those women who experience particularly high degree of flow and should be used with caution depending on need. Everteen applicator tampons regular offer 6-9g absorbency and are ideal for light to moderate menses. Wash your hands properly before inserting a tampon. Clean your vaginal area with everteen natural intimate wash or everteen intimate hygiene wipes to retain the optimal ph levels.

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