Aroma Magic Essential Oil – Carrot Seed 20 ml


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Scientifically known as “Daurus Carota”, Carrot seed oil is beneficial for killing bacteria, fungi and has antioxidant properties to defend against diseases. It is extracted by steam distillation, primarily from the dried seeds of wild carrots and also from the dried plants itself.

The use of Carrot Seed Oil originated in the time of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, French, and Indians, who used it to soothe inflammation and ease indigestion. In some of these geographic regions, it was combined with Bergamot and Lemon essentials to help ease these ailments.

This oil is often confused with carrot oil which is made from crushed carrot roots and can be used for culinary purposes. As an essential oil, the carrot seed oil is intended for external use only. Carrot Seed Oil repairs skin damage, tones muscles, and tissue, and tightens skin to prevent it from sagging. It also boosts immunity, reduces muscle and joint inflammation and addresses fluid retention


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